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  •  [Fujian,China]
  • Business Type:Distributor/Wholesaler , Manufacturer
  • Main Mark: Africa , Asia , Middle East
  • Exporter:91% - 100%
  • Certs:CE, ISO9001, Test Report
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About Us

Singree is a comprehensive industrial enterprise We have our own factories producing different types of products and supplying them to our customers through our marketing company FUZHOU SINGREE IMP EXP CO LTD We implement strict production management and inspection systems with a wide range of products complete specifications and excellent quality To provide our customers with reasonable prices short production cycle and thoughtful service The commanding heights ensure that our products provide reliable stability in terms of high quality and excellent performance The products exported by the company include porcelain insulator composite insulator glass insulator cut out fuse and arrester...

Categories and Products

Porcelain Insulator

Line Post Insulator

57-4 Thailand Type Line Post Porcelain Insulator Pin Post Insulator With IEC Approved (11006) 57- 1 Series Line Post Insulator 57-2 Series Line Post Insulator 57-3 Series Line Post Porcelain Insulator 57 Standard Series Line Post Porcelain Insulator Porcelain Post Insulator 57-5 Porcelain Post Insulator 57-4 Porcelain Post Insulator 57-3 Porcelain Post Insulator 57-2 Porcelain Post Insulator 57-1 Post Porcelain Insulator 57-12 ANSI 57-13 Porcelain Line Post Insulator ANSI 57-15 Porcelain Line Post Insulator ANSI 57-14 Porcelain Line Post Insulator ANSI 57-11 porcelain line post insulator Porcelain Pin Post Insulator Porcelain Line Post Insulators 57-3 Series Porcelain Line Post Insulators 57-2 Series Porcelain Line Post Insulators 

Station Post Insulator

Station Post Insulator (TR-205) Station Post Insulator TR-208 Station Post Insulator (TR-210) Station Post Insulators For High Voltage (C4-125) C4 Series Station Post Insulator Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR Series Station Post Insulator Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-231 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-202 Porcelain Station Post Insulator C8-170 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-316 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-308 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-288 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-286 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-278 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-267 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-216 Porcelain Station Post Insulator TR-214 

Disc Insulator

Disc Porcelain Insulator 52 Series Disc Suspension Porcelain Insulator for Anti-Fog Type Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-120C Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-120 Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-100C Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-100 Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-80 Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-80C Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-70C Anti electrical ceramics disc suspension insulator XHP-70 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-9 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-6 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-5 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-2 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-3 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-4 Porcelain Suspension Insulator ANSI 52-1 Disc Suspension Insulator (Anti-Fog Type ) Porcelain Disc Suspension Insulator 52 Series ANSI 52-10 Porcelain Disc Suspension Insulator 

Pin Insulator

Pin Porcelain Insulator (55-1 55-2 55-3 55-4 55-5) ANSI 56-1 56-2 56-3 Porcelain Pin Insulator 11KV Pin Type Porcelain Insulators(ALP11-275) High Voltage Pin Porcelain Insulator (ALP22-450 ) High Voltage Porcelain Pin Insulator (SLP11-180) Pin Porcelain Insulator for 11kv and 15kv 10KV-20KV Porcelain Pin Type Insulator 10KV Pin Type Porcelain Insulator E-80 High Quality 10kv Pin Type Porcelain Insulator E-95 High Quality High Voltage Porcelain Pin Insulator N80 Pin Porcelain Insulators with Hhigh Voltage N-95 Pin Type Insulator for High Voltage ANSI N-95-2 Pin Type Insulator (N-95-3) Pin Ttype Insulators For High Voltage (N95-4) 55-3 Porcelain Pin Insulator 55-4 Porcelain Pin Insulator 55-5 Porcelain Pin Insulator 55-2 Porcelain Pin Insulator 55-1 Porcelain Pin Insulator ST-20-J Porcelain Pin Insulator 

Long Rod Insulator

Porcelain ​​Long Rod Insulator Porcelain Ceramic Long Rod Suspension Insulator Long Rod Suspension Porcelain Insulator 

Porcelain Bushing

High Voltage Porcelain Arrester Bushing High-voltage Power Porcelain Transformer Porcelain Shells Hot sale Porcelain transformer bushing DIN standard Good Quality Porcelain Capacitor Bushing 

Strain Insulator

ANSI 54-4 Electrical Porcelain Strain Insulators ANSI 54-3 Electrical Porcelain Strain Insulators ANSI 54-2 Electrical Porcelain Strain Insulators ANSI 54-1 Electrical Porcelain Strain Insulators 11kv Porcelain Stay Strain Insulator 11kv Porcelain Stay Insulator Strain insulator 11KV Porcelain Strain Insulator Stay insulator 11kv Porcelain Stay Insulator ANSI AS Stay Strain Insulator Hot Sale Low Voltage Electrical Wiring Insulator Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-5 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-4B Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-4 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-3A Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-3 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-2 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802-1 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 802 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 801-1 Porcelain Wiring Insulator 801 

Spool Insulator

ANSI 53-5 Electrical Porcelain Spool Insulators ANSI 53-4 Electrical Porcelain Ceramic Spool Insulators ANSI 53-3 Electrical Porcelain Ceramic Spool Insulators ANSI 53-2 Electrical Porcelain Ceramic Spool Insulator ANSI 53-1 Electrical Porcelain Ceramic Spool Insulator 53 Series Spool Insulator 

Shackle Insulator

Low Voltage Porcelain Shackle Insulator (ED-2C) Low Voltage Porcelain Shackle Insulator (ED-2B) BS Class 1617 Shackle Insulators ED Series Shackle Insulator Lv Porcelain Shackle Insulator R-6 Porcelain Shackle Insulator ED-2B-1 

Telephone Line Insulator

Tele Line Pin Insulator RM-1 Tele Line Pin Insulator RM-3 Tele Line Pin Insulator RM-2 RM Series Pin Insulator for Telephone Lines 

Composite Insulator

Suspension Composite Insulator

35kv Polymer Suspension Insulator 25kv Polymer Suspension Insulator 15kv Polymer Suspension Insulator 33KV 10KN Polymer Insulator 36KV 10KN Composite Post Insulator 25KV 70KN Composite Insulator 35KV 45KN Polymer Suspension Insulator 36KV 70KN Composite Suspension Insulator 36KV 70KN Polymer Suspension Insulator 15KV 45KN Polymer Pin Insulator 15KV 45KN Polymer Insulator Suspension Composite Polymer Insulator Transmission Composite Supension Tension Insulator 

Pin Type Composite Insulator

33kv Pin Type Composite Insulator 24KV Pin Type Composite Insulator 11kv Pin Type Composite Insulator 11KV 10KN Composite Insulator 15KV 8KN Composite Insulator 24KV 10KN Composite Insulator 24KV 12.5KN Composite Insulator 33KV 10KN Composite Insulator 60KV 70KN Composite Insulator 35KV 10KN Composite Insulator 36KV 10KN Polymer Insulator 69KV 70KN Polymer Insulator 15KV 5KN Composite Insulator Pin Type Composite Insulator 11kv Pin Compostie Insulator (FPQ-11/10) Composite Pin Insulator (FPQ-11/10) 15kV 24kV Composite Polymer Pin Insulator 15kv Composite Polymer Pin Insulator Composite Polymer Pin Insulator Cross Arm Polymer Insulator 

Line Post Composite Insulator

33KV-10KN Polymer Line Post Insulator 33kv Line Post Composite Insulator Composite Horizontal Line Post Insulator Post Composite Polymer Insulator 33KV 20KN Line Post Composite Insulator 33KV 11KN Composite Insulator Electric-Railway Composite Polymer Post Insulator Composite Polymer Link Insulator for Electric-Railway Composite Polymer Post Insulator Line Post Composite Polymer Insulator (For Electric-Railway) 

Power Fitting

Cross Arm

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Cross Arm Galvanized Electric Transmission Line Cross Arm Galvanized Steel Cross Arm of Transmission Line Accessories Hot-DIP Galvanized Angle Steel Cross Arm Galvanized Steel Cross Arm for Tower Galvanized Steel Cross Arm Hot DIP Galvanized Cross Arm (850x50x4) Mm High Quality Galvanized Steel Cross Arm Line Cross Arm for Pole Line Hardware 

Insulator Spindle

56-1 Spindles for BS Class pin type insulator Standard Pole Line Hardware Galvanized Pole Top Pin LV Spindle for RM-2 56-3 Cold DIP Spindle For Pin Insulator Cold DIP Spindle for ANSI Large Spindle Hot DIP Spindle with Bs Small Steel 56-1 Hot DIP Insulator Pin Spindle Insulator Pin Spindle P-11-Y Spindle Insulator Spindle for CN45-2 P-11-Y BS Cold DIP Spindle For Pin Insulator LV Spindle for CN918 56-2 Spindles for BS Class Pin Type Insulator 

Power Line Accessories

Hot Galvanized Bolt Type Anchor Rod Overhead Power Line Accessories Type Q Bolt Hook Electric Power Fitting Bolt m16 A Type Iron Plate Bracket Hot-dip Galvanized D bracket D Iron Bracket Thailand DBT-1 Hot Galvanized Earth Rod D Iron Bracket Thailand DBT-3 Stainess Steel Eye Bolt with Lock Nut D Iron Bracket Thailand DBT-2 Hardware Power Fitting U Type Bolts Nuts Hot Dip Galvanized Ball Clevis Q-7U Type Hot Dip Galvanized Tie Straps High Quality Galvanized U7 shackles Electric shackle Hot Dip Galvanized Turnbuckle Stay Rod Power Line Fitting Galvanized Tumbuckle Stay Rod Electric Power Fitting Galvanized Socket Clevis Eye High Quality Cross Arm Accessories Galvanized Section Strap Immobility Clamp For Pole And Tower Hot Galvanized Pig Tail Nail 

ABC Cable Fitting

Insulation Clamp

Al-Alloy Material Suspension Clamp NXJ Type Aerial Insulation Wedge Tension Clamp Cable 4 Cores Anchor Tension Clamps 4-Core Anchoring Clamp for ABC Cable(anchor clamp) ABC Cable Insulated Tension Clamp High Strength ABC Cable Suspension Clamp With Bracket Aluminum Deed End Clamp PS Series Suspension Clamp HC Series Suspension Clamp CGU Series Suspension Clamp CGH Series Suspension clamp CGF Suspension Clamp (Hung-down Type) CGF Series Suspension Clamp SD-1 Long Steel Screw Nail JBD Tap Connector for LV Insulated Overhead Networks Feeder Clamps Cable Clamp Insulating Dead End Clamp Four Core Collecting Dead End Clamp ADSS OPGW Dead-End Clamp Strain Assembly Type EAS 54-10 

Piercing Connector Clamp

Insulation Piercing Clamps (IPC) JMAEP abc cable insulation piercing connector Low Voltage Insulation Piercing Connector JMA4-150 IPC 3.4 Insulation Piercing Connector Insulation Piercing Wire Connector Insulated High Voltage Piercing Connector JMA2-95 Insulated Piercing clamp IPC3.3 Insulated Piercing Clamp IPC3.1 Insulation Piercing Connector Percing Clamp TTD insulation piercing connector / cable clamp JMAEP Insulation Piercing Connectors NTD Series Insulation Piercing Connectors JMA185 ​Insulation Piercing Connectors JMA4-95 ​Insulation Piercing Connectors JMA3-95 Insulation Piercing Connector JMA2-95 Insulation Piercing Connector JBD Series Insulation Piercing Connectors JBC Series Insulation Piercing Connectors Insulation Piercing Connectors Clamp IPC Insulation Piercing Clamp 

Parallel Clamp

JBTL Type Bimetal Parallel Groove Clamps High Quality Electrical Wire Clamp Parallel Groove Clamp CAPG Copper Parallel Groove Clamp Aluminum Parallel Groove Clamp with Shear Head Screws JBL Aluminium PG Clamp JBTL Bimetallic PG Clamp CAPG Series Copper-aluminium Combined Clamps Parallel Groove Connector APG series Jb Type Pg Clamp Electrical Wire Clamp AL PG Aluminum Cable Clamp 

Strain Clamp

NLL Series Bolt Type Aluminium Alloy Strain Clamp NLD Series Bolt Type Aluminium Alloy Strain Clamp ABC Cable Fitting Dead End Clamp Strain Clamps Wedge Type CSJ Series NLZ-2 Dead-End Strain Clamp NLZ Dead-End Strain Clamp HT Aerial Insulation Wedge Tension Clamp JNS 4 Core Clustered Type Tension Clamp JNSC 4 Core Clustered Type Tension Clamp NLL Series Alloy-Aluminium Strain Clamp NLD Tension Clamp (Bolted Type)​ Tension Clamp NLL Series Aluminium Alloy NLL Series Aluminium Alloy Tension Clamp NXJ Aerial Insulation Wedge Tension Clamp JBD Tension Clamp for ABC Cable Strain Clamps Wedge Type CSJ NLD Strain Clamp (Bolt Type) CJS Wedge Steel Strain Clamps Nld Type Hot DIP Galvanized Strain Clamp 

Cable Lug

Connecting terminals DT Copper Cable lug ODTL Type Copper and Aluminium Bi-metal Lug ODT Type Copper Cable Lug GTY Type Copper Crimping Terminal And Connector Copper Lug (Pipe Stock) DT(G) LUG GTL Copper-aluminium Connecting Pipe Cable Lug Bimetal Terminal Electrical Cable Lug DTL-1 DTL-2 Crimp Type Bimetallic Aluminum Copper Cable Lugs Electric power fitting GL Type Aluminum connecting pipe GT Copper Pipes Of Different Specifications Cable Lug Aluminum Tube Terminals SC JGK Tin Copper Cable Lug GTL Copper Aluminium Bimetal Connector Link Cable Ferrule GL Aluminium Connecting Pipe GL-G Copper Connecting Pipe Cable Lug SC (JGY) Cable Lugs Terminals GL-G Aluminium Connecting Pipe SC (JGK) Copper Connecting Terminal Cable Lug SC (JGB) Connecting Terminals Cable Wire Crimp Lugs OT Copper Passing Through Terminal 

Cold And Heat Shrinkable Tube

Dual-Wall Heat Shrinkable Tube 11KV Heat Shrinkable Bushing 11KV 33KV MPG Heat Shrinkable Bus-Bar Tube 11KV 33KV Heat Shrinkable Tube 11KV 33KV Dual-Wall Compound Heat Shrinkable Tube 24KV 3-core Outdoor Termination Kit Heat Shrinkable Breakout Breakout Boot 33KV 1-core indoor termination kit 33KV 3-core Indoor Termination Kit 33KV 1-core Joint Heat Shrinkable Tube 33KV 1-core outdoor termination kit 33KV 3-core Joint Heat Shrinkable Tube 33KV 3-core Outdoor Termination Kit 24KV 3-Core Indoor Termination Kit 24KV 1-core Joint Heat shrinkable Tube 24KV 1-core outdoor termination kit 24KV 3-core Joint Heat Shrinkable Tube 24KV 1-core Indoor Termination Kit 11KV 1-Core Oil-Immersed Indoor Termination Kit 11KV 1-Core Oil-Immersed Outdoor Termination Kit 

Cut Out Fuse And Arrester

Porcelain Cut Out Fuse

American Type Porcelain Cut Out Fuse Best Price 15kv-27kv Ceramic Types Cut Out Fuse Hot Elling Products Porcelain Cut Out Fuse Holder Standard Quality High Voltage 11kv-36kv Cut Out Fuse Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-14(33-36KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-10(24-27KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-15(33-36KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-3(11-15KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-9(24-27KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-5 (15-27KV) American Type Porcelain Cut Out Fuse RLF-13(33-36KV) American Type Porcelain Cut Out Fuse RLF-8(10-15KV) American Type Porcelain Cut Out Fuse RLF-7(15-27KV) American Type Porcelain Cut Out Fuse RLF-6(15-27KV) American Type Porcelain Cut Out Fuse RLF-4(10-15KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses Cut Out Fuse RLF-2(12-15KV) Porcelain Drop Out Fuses RLF-1 (10-15KV) RW20 High Voltage Porcelain Drop-out Fuse RW11 Cut-out Fuse High Voltage RW10-10F Cut-out Fuse Expulsion Fuse 

Composite Cut Out Fuse

36kv Composite Polymer Cut Out Fuse Hot Sell Polymer Cut Out Fuse 12kv-15kv 24kv High Voltage Polymer Cut Out Fuse RW-11 Cut-out Fuse High Voltage HRW10-12 Polymer Dropout Fuse Cutout High Voltage Polymer Drop out Fuse Cutout 27kV Polymer Drop-out Fuse Cutout (RLF4-27/100) Drop-out Fuse Cutout (RLF11-24/100) 35kv Polymer Drop-out Fuse Cutout High-Voltage Polymer Fuse Cutout (RLF15-33/100) High-Voltage Drop-out Fuse Cutout (RLF3-11/100) 24kv Silicone Rubber Drop-out Fuse Cutout (RLF-11-2) 36kv Polymer Drop-out Fuse Cutout 36kv High-Voltage Drop-out Fuse Cutout 24kv Polymer High-Voltage Drop-out Fuse Cutout 36kv Polymer Load Break Fuse Cutout V-Type Polymer High-Voltage Drop-out Fuse Cutout 33kv High-Voltage Drop-out Fuse Cutout with Arc Shut 

Porcelain Arrester

33kv Ceramic Lightning Arrester Porcelain Arrester 11kv Ceramic Lightning Arrester with IEC Approved 24kv Ceramic Lightning Arrester Porcelain Arrester Porcelain Type Lightning Arrester 9-24kv Porcelain Lightning Arrester (Y10W-24) Porcelain Surge Arrester Y5W-33 Porcelain Surge Arrester Y5W-9 Porcelain Gapped Lightning Arrester Class1 11kV Porcelain Surge Arrester Y10W-11 Porcelain Lightning Surge Arrester 33kv Porcelain Surge Arrester Y10W-33 

Polymer Arrester

33kv Surge Arrester Polymer Arrester (YH10W-33KV) 24kv Polymer Lightning Arrester 10kv Polymer Surge Lightning Arrester Polymer Type Lightning Arrester Mounting Bracket for Surge Arrester Porcelain Surge Arrester YH10W-11 27kv Polymer Lightning Arrester YH5W-27 Ploymer Lightning Arrester YH5W-24/72 Polymeric Surge Arresters YH10W-66/198 9-15kv Polymer Lightning Arrester Polymer Lightning Arrester YH10W-21 Polymer Surge Arrester YH10W-15 42kv Polymer Gapless ZnO Lightning Arrester Porcelain Lightning Arrester RLA23 3-6kV Polymer Lightning Arrester YH10W-9 Polymer Lightning Arrester YH10W-27 Disconnectors for Metal- Oxide Surge Arrester (TL-1) Polymer Lightning Arrester YH10W-33 5ka Polymer Gapless Lightning Arrester 110kv Polymeric Housed Metal Oxide Lightning Arrester 

Gang Insulator Isolator Switch

High Voltage Porcelain Gang Isolator/Gang Isolate Switch High Voltage Porcelain Gang Isolate Switch HRH-B-33/600 Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch (GW1-33/800) Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch (RGW-11/630) Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch (RGW-33/630) Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch HRH-B-11/630 Isolator Switch Polymer RGW-11/400 Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch RGW-33-630 Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch RH-B-11/400 Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch RH-B-36/630 Outdoor Gang Disconnector Isolator Switch Outdoor High Voltage Porcelain Disconnect Switch Outdoor Disconnect Switch (GW1-11/1200) GW5 High Voltage Disconnect Switch High-voltage Disconnect Switches (GW5-40.5D(W)/630) HGW9 Outdoor High Voltage Disconnect Switch Porcelain Disconnect Switch Insulator Polymer Isolator Switch Disconnector Gw9 Outdoor High Voltage Porcelain Disconnect Switch Disconnect Switch 3 Pole (RH-B-11/1200) 

Fuse And Arrester Fitting

electrical expulsion type fuse link Fuse And Arrester Fitting Hook Stick tools 35kV 50A High-Voltage Fuse Link High-Voltage K or T Type Fuse Link Hook Stick Tools for Fuse Cutout 

Glass Insulator

Standard Type Disc Insulator

High Voltage Glass Suspension Insulator (LXP-120) High Voltage Glass Suspension Insulator (LXP-100) High Voltage Glass Suspension Insulator (LXP-70) 

Fog Type Disc Insulator

Glass Suspension Disc Insulators for Transmission Lines IEC Standard Fog Type Toughed Glass Insulator Fog Type Glass Insulator(LXHP-70) 

Open Air Profile Disc Insulator

Open Air Profile Glass Insulator(LXAP-160-240) Open Air Profile Glass Insulator LXAP-70-120 

Bus Bar Insulator And Cable

LV Bus Bar Insulator

Bus Bar Insulator EN series SB Series Bus Bar Insulator Electrical Bus Bar Insulator Composite Busbar Insulators SM Series Bus Bar Insulator Bus Bar Insulator SB60 LV Bus Bar Insulator SB50 LV Bus Bar Insulator SB40 LV Bus Bar Insulator EN40 LV Bus Bar Insulator EN32 Electrical Power Bus Bar Insulator LV Bus Bar Insulator SM40 Bus Bar Insulator SM25 LV Bus Bar Insulator SM60 LV Bus Bar Insulator SM45 LV Bus Bar Insulator SM76 Bus Bar Insulator SM51 LV Bus Bar Insulator SM30 LV Bus Bar Insulator SM35 

HV Bus Bar Insulator

High Voltage Bus Bar Insulator Support Busbar Support Insulators Standoff Insulator High Voltage Bus Bar Insulator ZNZX2-10Q-1600-3150A High Voltage Bus Bar Insulator Different Types Of Busbar Bus Bar Insulator High Voltage Epoxy Resin Bus Bar Insulator Support 

Cable And Fittings

Bare Conductor AAAC All Aluminum Alloy Conductor AAAC Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced Cable Conductor ACSR 

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